We are a
you can trust

By donating to the Foundation for Excellence in Dentistry, you will be helping dentists and hygienists worldwide. Your donation will help them take part in one of our projects to ensure that standards in dentistry are upheld no matter where you live or what your financial circumstances.


We started with only one goal: make the world smile

Our main project currently is the Slow Dentistry Global Network, which is a network of clinics worldwide who promote well-being, comfort and understanding amongst patients.


The core values that drive what we believe in


We believe that dentists and hygienists should trust in their patients by helping them understand their rights. We further believe that patients must trust their dentist or hygienist for more information about their treatment as they go along.


We advocate that it is the responsibility of the person sitting in the dentist's or hygienist's chair to ask ensure that they understand their treatment, and insist on the fulfilment of the Slow Dentistry cornerstones.

Care & Service

Remember this: our Slow Dentistry Gobal Network members care for their patients and do their utmost to ensure your well-being and comfort. Make sure you ask for this.


The Foundation is committed to raising standards of dentistry world-wide.