By our member from Costa Rica: Dr. Delfin Barquero

I realized that it was not foolish being aware of the patient ́s needs

Slow Dentistry concept inspired me, basically because I felt after 17 years in practice, that my clinical behavior during these time was supported by other colleagues around the world.

It inspired me because I realized that it was not foolish being aware of the patient ́s needs, since a lot of us were programmed to just make money.

I learned a lot from my son ́s pedo doctor. When my son was sick, he was always there, he was always available, he took all the time possible to make us feel safe. He was not the cheapest boy in the neighborhood.

He confirmed that being “slow” in health care, makes the patient a loyal patient, and most of the people are willing to pay for that feeling.

Therefore, when you appeal to these values, when you expose that the ethics could be monetized people will pay attention.

I have been working with my networks since 2008. In 2012 I started working with Christian Coachman and Livio Yoshinaga. We organized 2 very successful venues.

Since then we have been in a non stop educational experience, therefore, I have good contacts around Latam.

This should be done though webminars across the region.

I have no partnership with any company right now but I collaborate as beta tester or as a KOL with Trendent, Bisco, Pulpdent and Colgate.

I can use Colgate platforms I have an excellent realtionship with them. I know this because they had told me.

I think this is the perfect timing for this concept, because it gives the perfect approach to get out of the crisis.