The time has come to slow down

The concept of ‘slow dentistry’ attempts to deliver a better service while instilling more confidence in patients.

A new concept aimed at encouraging dental professionals to work at a slower pace to better ensure patient safety and reduce work-related stress is gaining pace.

The ‘slow dentistry’ concept was created by a group of international clinicians, with a vision to build a network of worldwide dental practices signed up to delivering four universal key principles that any patient can use as a checklist. The intended outcome is to empower patients to be confident of their safety, wellbeing, comfort, and understanding of their treatment.

The four ‘cornerstones’ are based on the concept of a patient asking the following questions:

  1. Is the practice thoroughly disinfected?
  2. Have the risks been explained and have I signed a
  3. consent form?
  4. Is the anaesthetic working?
  5. Is a rubber dam being used?